Our Services

Through partnerships with a range of organizations, institutions, and funders, we offer story-making and distribution services that prioritize the power of individual voices. Our methods of group process and story creation assist participants in producing short, first-person narratives that can be presented in a variety of traditional and social media formats. We provide non-threatening environments in which the process of creation is valued as much as the stories created.

You may already have a clear idea of what services you're looking for help with in order to meet your project's goals.  If not, here's a complete list from which we will work with you to compose the best package for your project.

Project Planning and Development

We provide end to end project planning and development services including designing community engagement strategies and assisting with fundraising through proposal development.

Workshop Design and Facilitation

Custom designed workshops may be a key component of your project.  We have a variety of workshop models from which to choose the best fit for your project, all of which include guidance on recruitment and equipment.

Curriculum Development and Design

We offer development, design and production of story compilations and story-based curricula, discussion guides and promotional materials.

Public Story Sharing

We help plan and facilitate the presentation and contextualization of stories in a variety of settings including community screenings, conferences, museum exhibits and educational distribution.

Post Production and Social Media Design

We provide videography, editing, and digital post-production services as well as social media design strategies for sharing stories including story-sharing apps.

Qualitative Research and Evaluation

We coordinate the assessment of community needs through story, map local issues, and evaluate the impact on both storytellers and audiences of making and viewing stories.

Organizational Story Sharing and Team Building

We offer organizations of all sizes including foundations, large-scale non-profits, institutions and corporations, story practices that strengthen your organization's critical-thinking, communication skills, and culture. 

Capacity-Building for Grantees

We can expand the capacities of your grantees. Our training can help improve your grantees' reporting abilities or methods for communicating the good work they are accomplishing.