Putting Stories to Work

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Putting Stories to Work
Storywork in Community Organizations

 What story tells you?  

 What parts of your life experience holds a narrative that best illustrates your calling – that exemplifies the power behind your passion and purpose in service?  

How do you and your organization capture the meaningful stories of staff, clients and stakeholders to help advance your efforts?

 How can stories benefit your engagement with the public, your research, your marketing and development?

 Join Joe Lambert, founder of the Berkeley, California-based Center for Digital Storytelling, in a workshop to look at the ways our stories shape our calling and identities and how that connects with organizational leadership.  The workshop will include an overview to his organization's 20+ years of work in story with social service, education, environmental, business and professional organizations, and his unique theories and approach to storytelling.  The session will also have participants work through a process of composing, listening and sharing stories, and techniques for crafting insightful and moving stories.  

A great workshop for executive directors, program directors, project leaders and managers.  

 The workshop will help to launch our affiliate Storycentre Canada, a new charity dedicated to bringing Storywork and Digital Storytelling services to charitable organizations working in health and human services throughout Canada.  

This event is INVITATION only as space is limited.

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WHAT: Story workshop and info session 

WHO: Joe Lambert, Founder & Executive Director of Center for Digital Storytelling with StoryCentre Canada

DATE: June 12, 2015

TIME: 1:30pm-4:00pm


Centre for Social Innovation

Whole Connector Room, 1st Floor
215 Spadina Ave. 
Toronto, ON  M5T 2C7


There is metered parking on the street, or a Green P lot just north of the building, off Spadina.

 Space is wheelchair accessible.

 If you have any questions please contact:

Rani Sanderson at: rani@storycentre.ca or 416 432 1200